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Young Adult  Coaching and Professional Development

Learning life skills, starting a career, going to college, navigating transition or learning to be independent can be overwhelming. Luckily our coaches have years of experience working directly with young adults. Students feel comfortable working with our staff who are young enough to relate and experienced enough to educate.

Structure and support

Our coaches work with each student to develop a customized action plan that promotes self-directed learning and growth. We focus on developing a professional footprint, gaining independence (and interdependence), exploring educational endeavors, defining a career path, learning life skills, and creating healthy habits.

Meraki Life Coaching offers young adults the structure and support they need to be successful. Our team collaborates with local professionals and coaches through evidence, and strategy-based learning tools to ensure our success.

For the individuals who are truly ready to make the transition from adolescence to "adulting," Meraki is offering transitional services. We set ourselves apart form other programs by working, exclusively, with those who have:

  • Excelled in previous programs

  • Decided they want to make a change

  • And are prepared for the more progressive style of coaching that Meraki is known for

Meraki is an "at will" program for individuals seeking transitional services.

Areas of focus

​In addition to all of the areas of focus within our Success Coaching model, we work to develop young adults in the following ways:

  • Mental Health Support: We help to develop strategies that manage anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, HFA (High Functioning Autism), Aspergers and other areas of mental health. We can help individuals find local therapist and other healthcare professionals.

  • Professional Development: In addition to our own coaching, we collaborate with WorkSource in Portland and Vancouver to encourage career development and employment. Students will learn how to develop a professional footprint, attend mock-interview workshops, develop a resume and cover letter, and so much more.

  • Post-Secondary Education: We help young adults to navigate the the educational system in collaboration with the local community (PCCClark), state (PSU, WSU), and private (UP, Reed) colleges. We will also explore certifications and continued education.

  • Community integration: Not only will young adults have the opportunity to join our coaches on a wide range of extracurricular activities throughout the Pacific Northwest (Hiking, climbing, skiing, snow shoeing, river and coastal trips, etc.) but we work with each individual to develop their own interests and integrations within the local community.

  • Much much more: Because we recognize that each student is on their own journey, our services are individualized. Meaning that every student will have a unique path on their coaching journey.

Maturity Continuum

There are three developmental stages of the Maturity Continuum that we work to nurture and explore with young adults. We understand that every student is unique and will be at a different stage on the continuum. Our goal is that everyone will learn to be interdependent, learning to collaborate as part of a team:

Dependence: You need others to get what you want

  • The paradigm of "you"​

    • "You come through for me." OR

    • "You didn't come through for me."

    • "I blame you for..​"

Independence: Freedom from the external control, influence, or support of others

  • The paradigm of "I"​

    • "I can do it."

    • "I am self reliant."

Interdependence: Cooperating together to achieve what we want

  • The paradigm of "we"

    • "We can be a team."​

    • "We can combine our efforts, talents, abilities to achieve our highest success."

Ready to experience something different?

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