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Hear from some of our clients at Meraki Life Coaching how we've helped them, and their families, achieve their goals and design the life they deserve.

Jessica P. | Business Owner

I can’t begin to say enough things about Jamison and his coaching style, communication ability and as a person in general. He has a special way of really hearing you and helping you find what is important and making the path to getting there completely reachable. I worked with him in 2017 and again earlier this year. As a new business owner he helped me put together some systems and habits that will make me so much more efficient and effective for the rest of my life, I’m sure. Together we set long term goals and clarified the vision I had for myself. I’m motivated and grateful, every day. Thank you so much, Jamison. I hope the Universe continues to bless you and your ability to help others.


Angela | Opperations Manager

I can't recommend Jamison's services enough. The opportunity to define your goals, develop action items and focus on improving your life has been so valuable. Jamison has a wide breadth of experiences and knowledge that bring a different perspective and challenge assumptions I've made about myself and my abilities. I feel like I have a plan and the support to make my goals a reality.

Roger | Father & Business Owner

Jamison Taylor coached my son through a crucial segment of his young adult life. My son was experiencing a transition from wilderness therapy to independent living. He needed to buckle down and finish up high school requirements and get a job. Jamison very ably coached Cole through these challenges. Jamison was a masterful communicator to both Cole and the parents. He can relate very well to both parties. Jamison's keyword throughout the process was 'Transparency.' His direction made this process effective, productive and relatively painless. I strongly recommend his services for any similar engagement. 

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Ryan | Sales Director

When I started with a coach I didn't like my job, but I had no idea what else I could do.  Through working with Jamison, that all changed; I changed.  His influence to do what makes you happy and to have the confidence to make changes in your life, even when there is no visible path, changed my life!  I went back to school and took charge. Now, no two days are the same, and I am no longer behind a desk. I've won vacations to places most people only dream about. I've worked my way up to being the sales director and never looked back. To put it in a nutshell, what good is a path if it makes you miserable? Jamison taught me how to make the most out of my life. Life is short, find the path that's right for you.

Tessa | Accountant

Positivity and confidence are two of the most captivating qualities in a person. From the moment I met Jamison, I was drawn to him because he radiated both of these qualities and they were two I happened to be working on in my own life. Through spending time with Jamison, I witnessed the way people reacted to him and was in awe of the ease in which he entered new situations and made everyone feel comfortable. Jamison showed me the importance of walking into a room with confidence and believing that I had the power to turn the situation in the direction I wanted to see it go. There is great power in surrounding yourself with someone you admire and who possesses the qualities you are seeking to see in yourself. I am forever appreciative of the positive influence Jamison has had in my life.

Ellen | Mother

We have experienced a long journey with our daughter. During her teens, she became dysfunctional and confrontational to the point where we had to send her to a wilderness camp, a residential treatment center, and then another wilderness camp. Although she benefited from each program, an underlying dilemma remained-how to function independently outside of programs both socially and in terms of securing satisfying employment. Jamison has worked with our daughter on these precise challenges with good success. Our daughter seems to absorb Jamison's counsel more freely, in the same way she might respond to the feedback of an older, wiser peer or sibling. That counts for a lot and we have seen much growth in her.  Although challenges remain, we are heartened by her new-found ability to seek and maintain employment and carve out a healthier life style. My husband and I also cherish the moments of fun we now experience with our daughter, something we were denied for so long in the past.

Hannah | Community Lead

I consider myself to be self-aware, albeit strong-willed and proud. Working with Meraki this fall has been well worth the time and energy. I am more kind to myself and more focused in my drive. I'm learning to set attainable goals and celebrate my wins. At the core, I am working on BEING more. I'm very proud of the work I've done so far and I can't wait to see where my work with Meraki will take me next.

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