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Learn. Discover. Grow.

Meraki Life Coaching is a company designed to help individuals learn invaluable skills, develop life changing habits, and dissolve the barriers that are standing in the way of achieving the life they deserve. We support our clients in discovering new passions, goals, and thought patterns that will allow them to grow both personally and professionally.

6 Week Coaching Courses


Productivity and Time Management


Vision and Goal Setting

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Balance and Self Care

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Career Exploration & Professional Development

Uninterrupted Coaching

Success Coaching


We will challenge the way you think about your life and what you are capable of. You will learn to capitalize on your strengths and nurture your growing edges through clinically influenced program designs. We will help you to create powerful action plans that will leave you feeling like you're back in the driver's seat of your life.

Young Adult Coaching & Professional Development


After a young adult graduates high school/college, leaves a wilderness program, or is ready to start their journey of independence the structure and support they’ve come to rely on has suddenly vanished. Out team is professionally trained to provide the guidance and support they need for continued success.

Group Discussion
Family Services


Support is a key factor in determining success. Learn how our team can help guide you through the obstacles that are standing in the way of your families happiness. We can provide the foundations you need to feel confident in the choices you are making as a family while building a healthy relationship.

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