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Family Services

Working collaboratively is important to achieving your goals as a family. Our coaches help to develop stronger/better relationships and open lines of communication. We strive to promote a deeper and more loving connection by exploring your family dynamic through a different lens of transparency.

How we can help

Whether you are a concerned parent, grandparent, or family friend of a struggling young adult, we want to help support you through the journey.


We help families dissolve negative cycles, open lines of healthy communication, and break down the barriers that are dividing.

Learn the skills you need to be effective and understand the differences between supporting and enabling.

Parent & Family Coaching

Our family services can help with the following:​

  • Transition: Whether your young adult is transitioning from a therapeutic environment, wilderness program, high school/college, boarding school, or just life we will be there as support along the journey.

  • Developing healthy communication: When communication is negative or non-existent everyone suffers. Our coaches help to mend the lines of communication between family members.

  • Learning to support without enabling: It can be hard to distinguish between the two and our team will help you to identify and understand the differences.

  • Think differently: By changing the way you think we can help create a paradigm that works for the dynamics of your family.

  • Alignment: By learning to align with other members of your family one can start to develop more intimate relationships.

  • Overcome Barriers: Barriers in communication often act as obstacles which can create gaps in our intimate relationships and social life. Our coaching will help to explore and bridge these gaps.

Ready to get your family back on track?

Want to make a change NOW? Call or schedule an introductory session with a coach today!


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